Thursday, August 27, 2009

...that we might spend eternity with Him

Mercy is the gift of His life from our humble savior, that we might spend eternity with Him...
Wow, what an incredible thought. ...that we might spend eternity with him. I sometimes think, how is that going to be exactly - I can only picture the most beautiful places I've ever been, only better; and as loved as I have ever felt, only more; and as much love as I have ever given, only more than I realize I can give. Singing, Holy Holy Holy. And, humbly, I realize that this can only be a reality by the price our Lord paid on the cross, because he loves us so much.
Today in an e-mail was an urgent request for prayer, there has been a lot lately; but this one somehow stood out to me. It was a request from a mother, whose daughter was at the end of her life. She was simply asking prayers for her daughter's soul.
"My precious daughter is in the last few hours of her life. Please help us keep this vigil by praying for her soul. That Our Blessed Mother will take her to meet her Precious Son Jesus and her punishment will be remitted that she may go directly to Him, in Jesus name we pray. B"
This is poignant and beautiful, because in a mother's grief there was understanding. In her prayer there is faith, that when her daughter passes from this life "...that she might spend eternity with Him". And as any parent experiences, even though you cannot always follow your children where they are, there is trust in the Lord that they are in loving care of the Father. I realize that as my children get on the bus every day, I should be saying a little prayer, "Jesus, I trust in You"!
Please join me in praying for this mother and daughter, and for any other souls that may be passing from this life today...that they might spend eternity with Him.


  1. Great blog Mary. A few days before my mother died I prayed the Divine Mercy Chaplet while she slept. Amazingly she awoke just as I finished, and I didn't tell her about it because I really didn't think she would believe. Jesus made some incredible promises to us through St. Faustina, and I trust in him. I am also praying for this daughter.

  2. Yes, Vicki, that is a beautiful story. What a beautiful blessing you shared with your mother. Thank you for sharing that.