Friday, October 18, 2013

Living "Mercy" - in loving memory of Mother Antonia

It's quite interesting that the busier life gets, the less I notice the mercy around me, and yet there are people that are "living examples of mercy".  In my own humble opinion,  a woman whose example changed my outlook on mercy forever is Mother Antonia.

I learned that this beloved Sister in the church, Mother Antonia Brenner, has passed away this week.  My heart was heavy to learn this, and then at the same time could only feel joy and appreciation for such a remarkable woman who lived to bring Jesus to everyone, especially those that have experienced the very worst in themselves and their surroundings. Joy that this simple yet remarkable woman can now embrace mercy forever, to it's fullness. She started living in La Mesa penitentiary in Tijuana, Mexico to bring "living mercy" to the prisoners over 30 years ago - and her ministry only grew from there.  Mother Antonia's work is what has inspired me to look for and attempt to share mercy with others as well.   My CD project Mercy is...'s purpose was to bring the message of the Divine Mercy Chaplet to others, while the sale of each CD was sent to the Eudist Servants of the 11th hour that she started.  I could not send much, but I am sure what I did went to great works.  Her ministry went from the prison, to helping the families of prisoners, and also helping widows and families of police victims.  Helping those being released from prison have new clothing, and dental work as well, for interviewing for work.  She knew how important a smile was.  

Here is a brief YouTube video of her in an interview.

I am grateful for Mother Antonia's example of selfless love,  may she be at rest in eternal peace...