Thursday, September 3, 2009

Mercy, a necessity...

Mercy is necessary for all to give, and to receive...

I read an interesting article from the latest issue of "God's Word Today", about the virtue of mercy. When I think of virtues, often I think of something positive like a characteristic that a Saint would have that is admirable.

I often forget that virtues are also a guideline that continues to help us enrich our everyday lives. That we might be able to actually live in knowing that we truly are striving to live and avoid the near occasion of sins. When I had received the above line, "Mercy is necessary for all to give, and to receive..." I loved the boldness of the thought..."necessary". Necessities are often described as a short list of absolute needs; shelter, water, food. But, mercy indeed is a spiritual necessity.

The article explains about translation of mercy.

"We translate the Hebrew word hesed as mercy but it loses something in translation. Hesed is so rich; it would be better translated as kindness, self-giving, or unconditional love. From hesed flows forgiveness and compassion. Hesed is also translated steadfast love, indicating the everlasting quality of God’s love. "

Now, imagine using that translation in truly expressing mercy in forgiveness for example. In order to truly be forgiving, we completing remove ourselves from the equation, so to speak. The forgiveness flows because we have an unconditional love that truly surpasses all understanding. Therefore, this "mercy" is necessary. Because, if I would try to forgive, but still hold on to my own thoughts and/or opinions I may say I forgive on the outside - but still remain in a prison of un-forgiveness that continues to hold me captive. Hesed, or Mercy, is necessary for all to give, and to receive - because perhaps in this flows the dialogue of the true love shared by the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Is it possible for us to share mercy with "all"?

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