Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A Touch of Mercy

Shortly after reading the book "The Prison Angel", I learned of a fundraiser in San Diego to benefit the Eudist Servants of the 11th Hour, a religious order of followers of Mother Antonia that continue to do works of compassion, love, and mercy that Mother Antonia had started at La Mesa prison years before.

There we were, in beautiful San Diego, at a golf resort. I could not believe it, I was going to have a chance to say, "Thank you" to this increadible yet humble woman for helping me understand the message of compassion and mercy. I had brought a gift to give her. Out of appreciation I had done a simple graphite drawing of the cross that she had made to wear in the prison. A cross that simply shows the passion, and unity of all of God's children in it's simplicity of nails, and wire. A very good friend introduced us quickly to Mother Antonia before the evening began. I will never forget how delicately she held my face in her hands, and asked for God's blessing on my husband and I. She held "my" face with such love in her bright smile, I was overjoyed. These hands had held the faces of many. The faces of the poor, the faces of the hurt, the faces of prisoners... the face of Christ. Every face to Sister Antonia is loved as the face of Christ. And my cheeks were now experiencing that same Love, that same compassion, that same mercy.

When has someone's "touch" helped you understand mercy?

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  1. Awesome blog topic. I am so hoping for God's mercy when I meet him face to face.