Thursday, February 11, 2010

Our Lady of Lourdes

Lourdes, France...

Before getting to the Grotto, where a beautiful statue of Mary is inset into the mountain at the spot where Bernadette obediently followed "the lady's" request to dig for water; you have this beautiful image of a most fantastic, a Holy place. And as you walk towards this place a gentle "peace" comes to you. Rests on you.

Today, I am searching for that same peace, praying for 2 dear friends of mine with cancer. Praying that "the beautiful Lady", the "Immaculate Conception" will intercede on their behalf and request that her Son bestow on them a peaceful and gentle spirit, and if it is God's will a miraculous healing.

I cannot recount the story of Bernadette and her visions anywhere near as beautiful as others can; I just want to help remind you of the peace and power of prayer. May the "gentle healer", God's own begotten Son, hear all of our prayers, and may Our Lady of Lourdes remind us to believe, and pray without ceasing. May we always be obedient to that request.

O Immaculate Virgin Mary,
Mother of Mercy,
you are the refuge of sinners,
the health of the sick,
and the comfort of the afflicted.
You know my wants,
my troubles, my sufferings.
By your appearance at the Grotto of Lourdes
you made it a privileged sanctuary
where your favors are given to people
streaming to it from the whole world.
Over the years countless sufferers
have obtained the cure for their infirmities -
whether of soul, mind, or body.
Therefore I come to you
with limitless confidence
to implore your motherly intercession.
Obtain, O loving Mother,
the grant of my requests.
Through gratitude for Your favors,
I will endeavor to imitate Your virtues,
that I may one day share in Your glory.