Friday, August 21, 2009

Mercy as "Pain"...

As the idea for a Divine Mercy Chaplet CD was just starting to come into my mind, it really started me thinking about how to describe mercy. I realized that it was more than forgiveness, and more than salvation, or I e-mailed many friends of mine and asked them a simple question, What is "Mercy", in your own words. The response was absolutely beautiful, that became the narration of our title track, "Mercy is/The Lord is kind and Merciful".

I would love to share and reflect on some of those answers here, and I have learned of something today that is a beautiful example.

Mercy is feeling the pain of loved ones...

Not too long ago I learned of a dear friend, an incredible Mother, who was battling cancer. A cancer that had returned, which required immediate surgery, and chemo following. I have faith, there is no question that I do, and I did not question that we need to pray for a miracle...but, it still saddened me. I was so upset at the thought of the pain that she and her beautiful family were going to endure. She has stayed in such wonderful spirits, and yet all I could think for a while is how much I did not want her or her family to suffer. As I watch her still today with immeasurable faith, and strength, and peacefulness; I am inspired by her faith.

Then this morning I learned of a young lady, a teenager; that out of love for our mutual friend has shaved her head bald. Completely gone. Not for any other statement than for her to say, "I love you". Not a rebellious act, or "insane" act of a teenager; just an expression of love. The pain of cancer, the emotional pain as well, is being felt by so many - and what a profound way for someone to say, I love you and support you. Feeling the "pain" of others is often not thought of in daily busy lives - but, the next time you feel "saddened" by the news of someones pain, consider their pain, and perhaps how you can help them overcome that pain, if even in the least through prayer.

What does the pain of others feel like?

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