Monday, June 28, 2010

The Blessed Virgin and the Priesthood

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The Blessed Virgin and the Priesthood

This is a beautiful quote that I came across today. It was enjoyable to read this after celebrating the ordination of 6 new Priests in the Archdiocese of Atlanta, yesterday. And, attending the first Mass of Fr. Mario Lopez at our humble parish in Dallas, GA.

I enjoyed reading this today particularly because the homily today, given by a great friend and brother Priest of Fr. Mario’s, was very touching. So many beautiful things were said, including the recommendation that Fr. Mario stay close to our Mother Mary. That she is always there. I do wish I could remember his exact words, as they were so beautiful. However, it was such a beautiful reminder that she is there for us, to intercede for us, lovingly calling each one of us to her Son. And, in a very special way, she is there for and by all of our wonderful Priests.

Let us continue to remember all of our Priests as we offer up a Rosary each week; especially Pope Benedict XVI.

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