Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Faithful Servant Arts...What's in a name?

One retreat morning years ago, at my place setting, (randomly chosen)(?) was a tile that had the words "Faithful Servant". I have kept the tile in front of my mirror for years.

It is very strange, the twists and turns life takes when I participate in it. Yes, I admit, I fully participate in my life, the best that I can. A strange comment, sure, but as I look back on what has led me to where I am today, I am certain it cannot be me. I would have never in my life expected to be a blogging, etsy-arts-crafting, cd slinging, twittering catholic. Yet, here I am. And, yes "Jesus, I do trust in you."

Putting out a CD has never been on my "bucket list", but, once I read about Mother Antonia and her sister's and the lives of Mercy that they emulate - I really wanted to do something to help earn some money to send to them. The Divine Mercy message has such meaning in my life, that putting together Mercy is... became a way for me to help spread the message, and help a cause that helps others realize that mercy.

Also, I have certainly been interested in art as a hobby, first with drawing, as a release I guess. Starting in my 40's, I really just wanted something to do on my own. I found that the most meaningful pieces to me were those that were an expression of faith. In hindsight, this is not so surprising since I had really stopped "performing" any music years ago - yet am so richly engrossed in the beauty of music in the liturgy. Able to let go of my insecurities, and participate in the love of music in my life at mass. There is no place I would rather sing than with the angels during Holy Mass.

So, completing the cd, and having photography, and arts, filling my soul (and my shelves for that matter), I realized my true interests lie in whatever I can humbly do that will glorify God. This is where "Faithful Servant Arts" comes from. First, I strive to be a faith-filled, and thankful child of the Lord; a true servant (in-training, I am nowhere near the servant that Mary was, or many other saints ), and perhaps through my expression of love for the Lord - some might see Arts.

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