Friday, April 2, 2010

Good Friday - Ecce Homo

In keeping with yesterday I suggest that the services available to us as on Good Friday are for all to share. For a deeper experience of the joy of Easter, why not look further into the Passion, or death of Christ. I have been questioned as to why we "catholics" don't let go of the crucifixion, after all, Jesus rose from the dead! There are so many responses to just that question, I prefer to smile and agree that yes Jesus is risen - but, I cannot forget what he went through for my sins.

However, this year, I've had an even different take on the inner-experience of Good Friday. So many years I have gone through Good Friday with dread. Yes, I know it's not supposed to be a picnic. But, never connected to the Hour of Mercy, and the actual somberness of the day. I know you are "supposed" to be somber - but, in reality, in the 20th/21st century, I didn't really feel it. I knew that Easter is coming, and let us not forget that we live in the age of the risen Christ.

So, this morning, I thought to myself - what would it have been like to love the Lord as I do now, but, in Jesus' time. To know, love, and follow his teachings but not have any idea what would happen after today. The dread of watching, not able to do anything to stop it. The absolute pain of watching a loved one die. And then, at 3pm, "it is finished..."

I would think there would be inconsolable sorrow.

I started understanding why we would not work, why we would not carry on with normal day to day activities. It has not happened very often in my life yet, but, you know the moment when you first learn that someone very close to you has died? Each time I experience moments that I can only explain by saying that time seems to stand still - and nothing else matters. As if my soul reaches out to heaven, to God; whether for comfort or understanding, or just to say goodbye. I am sure it could be explained away by "shock", or some great medical term. But, I still believe, that there is a moment of time, or timelessness that is merely for the soul.

I think that time for the soul to takeover, to adore, thank, love, and just be, is very appropriate for Good Friday and Holy Saturday. Even in my business of the day, I will try to be nothing today -

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