Saturday, November 14, 2009

The compassion of Jesus, at work in you and me...

If I take this line from the narration of Mercyis, "The compassion of Jesus..." and complete it with "at work in you and me..." I really have to pause, because I have fallen short of that amount of compassion more than once in my life.

Certainly, if I see a family tragically experiencing the loss of a parent, or even child, or see a person struggle with a disability, or even in this economy have faithful friends facing the loss of their home; there is no doubt I am flooded with compassion. I have sat beside friends dying in hospice, helping them out with whatever they need at any given moment because of the overwhelming love I feel for them, no doubt; "the compassion of Jesus at work"...

But, Jesus seemed to have compassion for anyone, in any given circumstance. I don't know that I can ever see Jesus give up on anyone because they, "brought it upon themselves". Of course, we have free will, but our Lord is always the one with compassion for us - no matter what we do. That can be a tall order, if I try to do that by myself. Those in the worst circumstance would be given the same compassion, as say our dearest friend - if it were "the compassion of Jesus at work in me".

For example, a humbling experience this week gave me a very clear picture of perhaps a less than desirable circumstance...and it brought me to the realization that I may deep down be a little selective at where and how my compassion is shared. Those that perhaps have found themselves in addictions or homeless with nowhere to go; yes of course have my compassion in thought - (pity perhaps?) - but, this is not the compassion of Jesus at work... Would Jesus not continue to give love over and over again, effortlessly...would he not hold the hand and cool the brow of the addict suffering withdrawals? There are so many suffering by themselves, that don't have the comfort of supportive family and friends...please join me in prayer for them and pray in Thanksgiving for all the homeless shelters and the caring people that run them; that truly show mercy in the compassion of our Lord, Jesus, at work in their ministry.

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